Spanish exercises about grammar, idioms, everyday Spanish through writing, reading comprehension, listening, multiple-choice and association exercises.
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Participate in the interactive Spanish exercises and learn Spanish through practice. Do the interactive exercises with online self-correction to improve your knowledge of the Spanish language. All these exercises include self-correction, which involves you being able to immediately compare your answers with the correct solutions.

Spanish exercises

How to write personal letters
Writing exercise with instructions about how to write a personal letter in Spanish.
Nonpersonal forms of verbs
Grammar exercise about the nonpersonal forms of the verb: infinitive, gerund and participle.
Reading Comprehension - 'La policía, denunciada por matar una culebra protegida'
Exercise for reading comprehension for intermediate level.
Prepositions - text about Miguel Delibes with forms to fill out with prepositions
The use of mucho/muy and tan/tanto and their variants
Todo es del color del cristal con que se mira
Idioms about colours.
¡Menuda fiera!
Idioms about animals.
¡Vaya menú!
Idioms about food.
¡Cuánto tarda este autobus!
Idioms about transports.
Hearing Comprehension - El lenguaje de los abanicos
Exercise of the course Prácticas de Comprensión Lectora y Auditiva en Español.
The Prepositions
Example of the course Tablas Gramaticales, have also a look to the table about the Prepositions.
Use of some Preterite Tense in Spanish
Exercise about reading comprehension, another one about grammar and finally one about written paper.
Spanish Auxiliar Verbs ser, estar, haber
Example of the interactive course Fichas Gramaticales. Start with the lesson Ficha gramatical 23.
Correspondence of Tenses in the Compounded Speech
Example of the interactive course Claves para el Uso del Sistema Verbal Español. Start with the correspondent lesson.
Everyday Spanish - Drinks and Snacks
Example of the interactive course Español Coloquial y Familiar.
Reading Comprehension
Example of the Preparation Course for the Exam of the D.E.L.E. Superior.
Spanish Grammar and Vocabulary. Example of the Preparation Course for the Exam of the D.E.L.E. Intermedio.
Colloquial Spanish Hearings
8 examples of exercises involving different kinds of phonetic variations.
The Present Continuous in Spanish
Two Spanish grammar exercises on the 'estar' + gerund periphrasis.
Possessives in Spanish
Grammar exercises on how to express belonging in Spanish.
Spanish Adjectives
A vocabulary exercise to link opposites.
Spanish Adverbs
A vocabulary exercise to link opposites.
Spanish Nouns
A vocabulary exercise to link opposites.
Superlatives in Spanish
Two exercises on superlative adverbs and adjectives.
Reading Comprehension
Multiple-choice exercise (true/false) to check comprehension of a written text.
Spanish Grammar and Vocabulary
Multiple-choice exercise on grammar and vocabulary issues.
En cuerpo y alma
Idioms about parts of the human body.
Numbers in Spanish
Two writing exercises for practicing numbers.